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Celestial - new EP

Hey everyone, I'm excited to share with you my latest song "Celestial". It was a completely unplanned track that came to life when I stumbled upon the concept of Euclidean rhythms while reading about rhythm theory.For those not familiar with Euclidean rhythms, they are a fascinating way to think about rhythm and beat spacing that originated in the field of mathematics. Essentially, they are a way of distributing beats evenly across a measure or bar, which results in some very interesting and complex rhythms. Very prominent in World music across different cultures.In my case, I decided to sample some African drums and re-use a synth patch from my previous track, Nemesis. Although, in hindsight, the structure of the song is a bit unconventional, the build-ups are a bit quirky, and everything seems super short, I couldn't resist giving too much emphasis to the Euclidean drums, which were the driving force behind the whole thing.
It's fascinating to see how something as abstract as Euclidean rhythms can inspire an entire song and change the way we think about rhythm. Has this ever happened to you in any area?
You can listen in your preferred way via the link below :)

Mind D Gossip

The Fairlight Glare waterfall release has been a huge success and I am overwhelmed by the number of people who are listening to it. I am especially grateful for the response to the Nem3sis song.At the outset, I was hesitant about releasing an album as singles and EPs that build off of each other. It required me to overcome some mental barriers, and the mainstream movement had always put me off. However, I am pleased that I pushed through and took this path, as it allowed me to release eight times as many cover arts as I normally would have. I hope that this hasn't made my discography too confusing in streaming services.I am now in the final stages of completing the last two tracks for the album. Although I have been feeling down and procrastinating, I hope to get to work and have some news for you by the end of April, at the very least I should have an idea of how much longer it will take. Fortunately, the cover design is already finished, (can't share it with you just yet). carrapetadesign, ig at @carrapetadesign, did an amazing job, and it looks really cool. So, something to wait for.

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Join the cult and cop some merch, help me survive :)I've tried quite a few things but it's settled now, visit the Shopify link!Shop D Ark is my official merchandise store. It works through Shopify's e-commerce platform and the merch itself is printed by Printful and Printify, both respected and safe stores.Represent your style with t-shirts, hats, and more.
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If you would like to support me in making music, you can purchase merchandise, or share my music with your friends and family. Your support means the world to me and helps me to continue creating and sharing my music with you. Thank you!


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Mind D Ark

Hey, welcome, I'm a nerd, I love culture and I love destroying it into "music".
I started playing the bass around 2008 and was primarily involved in Rock and Stoner projects Pedra Papel Tesoura and Ghob (<3 <3).
Ableton Live and Mind D Ark came slowly after.
I can't remember when some song wasn't part of my every moment.
Music is the only constant, the hope, and Mind D Ark is my solo incest child.
"A playfulness reigns supreme over the proceedings while Mind D Ark contorts samples into unexpected ways. The many layers intermingle to create weird, wonderful genre hybrids." -Beach SlothIf you enjoy my music and would like to support me in pursuing it and making more, there are several ways you can do so. You can follow, like, and subscribe to my channels on social media and music platforms, purchase my merchandise, or share my music with your friends and family. Your support means the world to me and helps me to continue creating and sharing my music with you. Thank you for your support!